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As you know, the Better World Forum is more than a unique event, it is a sustainable movement that travels around the world and is open to all. In 2020, the Forum will focus on the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems. 

Created in response to a humanitarian impulse from a society in search of authenticity and truth, the Better World Forum is the voice and image of tomorrow's world through a series of films and documentaries from different countries to defend, promote and support all these actors in the background.

In partnership with "The 314 Cannes , O.C.F and other", we work hard to organize the most important philanthropic meetings and preserve our future on this planet.

We are pleased to present you our 2020 program focused on the preservation of the oceans and all the challenges it represents. Indeed, during this year 2020 we plan to organize many events around this theme but also around the environment and some of the issues that mark our generation, including women's rights for our edition in Egypt. 

We are working hard to organize these philanthropic and preservation gatherings for our future on this earth. 

Following the successful launch of the first-ever “Ocean Impact Day”, honoring the Government of the United Arab Emirates during the Cannes Film Festival 2019, the Better World Forum (BWF) decided to produce a high-end event on 22 th September at the margins of the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. This event was a great success as well. 

Nowadays, the Better World Forum plans to produce the follow-up events to promote Smart Climate Adaption worldwide, in particular: Cannes ( May 17th of 2020), Monte Carlo ( May 24th of 2020 ), Cairo ( 2020 )  Tokyo (2020), Toronto (2020) and Miami (2020) 


May 17th of 2020

Ocean Impact Day


Ocean Impact Day - Cannes, 17th May 2020


  • Hotel Le Martinez (73 Boulevard de la Croisette - 06400 Cannes)

10.30 am - 3 pm :  Mastermind "Sustainable energies and blue economy & Brunch

7.00 pm : Red Carpet

8.00 pm : VIP cocktail reception 

9.00 pm : Official charity Gala dinner and Auctions


" Sustainable Energies & Blue Economy "


The Better World Forum “Mastermind on sustainable energies and blue economy” is composed of a team of world-class experts, influencers and activists from the business, academia, media and entertainment industries. This tribe of highly- influential people is continuously connected digitally and meets periodically during high-level global events.


The Mastermind’s main objective is to propose, analyze and decide on 3 or more specific actions, platforms, initiatives and/or campaigns to collectively support to foster climate adaptation, sustainable energies and blue economy globally.


During this “Sustainable energies and blue economy”, the Mastermind develops the following activities:

      - Keynote visionary speech

      - Guest Speaker’s presentations

      - Networking

Better World Awards

The Award of Peace: 

Honouring Akon

• Best commitment

Honouring the Film "The Cave"

The Better World Forum is honouring the Academy nominated documentary film "The Cave" by issuing awards to heroine Dr Amani Ballour and Film Director Feras Fayyad for their courageous and inspiring contribution to humanity and film.

The awards will be given in person in Cannes as part of their special event & screening on May 17th in Cannes. 

Amani, Feras, natgeodoc, Danish documentary and think-film impact production.

• Dr Amani - Best commitment

• Feras Fayyad - Best achievement in filmmaking


The charity organizations which our collective of event partners has decided to raise awareness and funds for through various aspects of the BETTER WORLD program, include the following: King Baudouin Foundation and BAB Charity (building hospitals for children suffering from cancer) . Each of these groups are doing impact- ful and sustainably-minded achievements internationally and locally towards certain Sustainable Development Goals, and we feel blessed to have each of them on board for our event in Cannes.

The specific initiatives (and the SDGs which they are targeting) which we will be raising funds towards from this event, are the following:

• SDG 14 (Life Below Water) * Create educational program for students to learn more about the dangerous   effects of single-use plastics in our oceans and waterways.


• SDG 5 (Gender equality) * Create a fund that will support female leaders in conflict zones; leaders that often defy deeply entrenched gender biases and educate and equip future generations of female leaders in these conflict zones to break down gender barriers.

Location : Martinez Hotel, Cannes

   • VIP Ticket includes:

One seat for the Mastermind & Brunch - 3 course meal and drinks covered

“Red carpet walk”

One VIP pass to the Better World Cocktail Reception - With open bar access

One VIP pass to the Better World Charity Gala Dinner, Awards Ceremony and Auctions  - 3 course meal and drinks


One VIP pass to the Post Reception - With open bar access

One VIP gift bag (with sponsored product)

Unit price for one VIP (excl taxes)

1 500 $

Price of one table – 10 VIP (excl taxes)

15 000 $

To have more informations, please contact the following email : booking@bwforum.org


May of 2020

During the exclusive Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Better World Forum will be present. 

Indeed, to celebrate the continuation of the Cannes Film Festival and the event it is organizing on 17 May 2020, the Better World Forum will offer its sponsors and partners a day at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix on 24 May 2020, on a superb 55 meters yacht.

This day is one of the advantages that our sponsors and all those who support the forum have. 


The Better World Forum will organize during this Formula 1 Grand prix on this yacht a one day program to discuss issues related to the Environment, Ecosystem, Innovation, Meta-Philanthropy and this year especially our Oceans.

We continue to work on many projects and wish, in our humanitarian and environmental approach, to add a little madness and fun.


egypt - 2020

Better World Forum in

Cairo - 2020

The Better World Forum is producing a two days event in Egypt. During this event, Egypt will be "the country of honour", around themes that address the protection of water, the oceans, and a special highlight on "The Women's Empowerment".


See below  the program of Better World Forum Egypt:


First day 

  •  Attend the Press Conference  with the media and personalities

  • A special visit to discover the pyramids of Giza

  •  Participate in the opening ceremony at the residence of the French Ambassador in Cairo


Second day

  • Film screening followed by a debate

  • VIP Lunch with personalities

  • Attend the screening of the selected film

  • Attend the Gala Dinner and the Awards ceremony at the "Nile Ritz-Carlton"

To announce the event in Egypt with the topic, the Environment, the Oceans and Women's empowerment, The Better World Forum has organized on 27th of June 2019 a press conference at the Marriott Mina House Hotel as well as an official dinner at the foot of the Pyramids.

The Better World Forum was honored by the presence of three Ministers from Egypt, Her Excellency Dr Yasmine Salah El-Dine Fouad Abdel Aziz, Minister of Environment, Her Excellency Ghada Waly, the Minister of Social Solidarity, Her Excellency Nabila Makram, The Minister of Immigration & Egyptian Expatriates Affairs.

the MBWF 's press conference and official dinner on 27th of june 2019

To view more pictures, please visit the Photo gallery


December of 2020